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Focus on the basics 

To get things clear from the beginning, we are not a body shop, moving people around our client base to guide meetings in the role of chair person, scribe or time keeper.

However, what we are good at, is our core business: first-class meeting facilitation, driving and managing the entire meeting process, which adds value to our clients’ organisations and their employees.

According to our clients’ feedback, we are able to supply our clients with the right bodies (people) and brains (experience, background) to facilitate meetings in a structured and effective way which, in most cases, are the starting point of a journey that results in sustainable, tangible improvements.

Synpro® wasn’t born yesterday. Originally set up as part of our parent organisation Schanssema Business Consulting®, and drawing on (international) experience built up at our parent company since 2004, our meeting facilitation services have evolved into a proven meeting approach.

With more than 400 meetings facilitated to date, all of which have led to tangible improvements in the way people work together and have improved our clients’ business process improvements, we are confident of our approach.

In addition, we’ve teamed up with several Synpro®approved meeting locations, in order to offer you the best location to suit your needs before, during and after your meeting!

Curious to know what some of clients say about us? Please have a look at some of our references.

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